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Alicia Cardell is a Queer Taiwanese-American Illustrator  from the Bay Area, CA.  With a passion for handcrafting engaging spaces, she founded a small business Buppydogs shortly after graduating from California College of the Arts in 2018. 

Growing up, anime and manga played a significant role influencing her artistic style and passion. In her body of work she's integrated distinct visual elements of her childhood while incorporating personal narratives about mental health and inner growth. Today she prioritizes the development of her artistic voice in her small business while balancing her career as an arts instructor.  

Thank you so much for visiting~

Select Art Shows: SJMade, Crunchyroll Expo, Taipei Art & Book Fair, San Francisco ZinefestAbocomix, SFVZINEFEST, Bay Area Queer Zine FestRoadworks Steamroller Printing Festival, EBABZLos Angeles Zine FestEast Bay Print Sale at Max's Garage, Peninsula Libraries Comic Arts Fest

Clients: City of Palo Alto, Movable Co,  Burlingame Public Library, SJMADE, Liv & Chiu Studios

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